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For years, Randy had admired the finest grades of stainless steel used in $50,000 watches with names like Rolex, Breitling and Cartier.

Stainless was as beautiful as freshly coated white gold or platinum, but much harder and more durable. And, unlike white gold, it didn’t cause skin irritations or require frequent recoating.
Randy could envision its potential as the perfect jewelry metal, but there were problems. He had seen the low-grade stainless materials used in discount jewelry imported from overseas and was unimpressed with the cheap grade of alloy. In appearance, it was no match for the elegant 18 ct. gold he traditionally used in his fine art jewelry.
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But he consulted with the companies who produced high-quality stainless for luxury watches and created a secret alloy that was much whiter and brighter. The problem – one which had vexed and discouraged other custom jewelers – was how to work with such super-hard material. How to drill tiny holes in it to insert row after row of pavé diamonds, for instance. And how to stretch it to re-size a ring. After more years of research, he finally had the solution: Randy simply designed his own special tools.
Randy still needed to test the public’s response, though. He offered a few stainless pieces at art shows and they were quickly snapped up by eager buyers. Stainless steel had made its debut in high-end jewelry and was a huge success.
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You will see many pieces of stainless steel fine jewelry here on our website. If you buy a stainless ring, bracelet or pendant, wear it proudly, right along with your Rolex. Admire it for its beauty and uniqueness. Respect it for its toughness and durability. And proudly think of the money you saved.

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