Most websites feature an “About Us” segment, but let’s talk About You and the image you portray. Your jewelry says as much about you as the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the home you live in.
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Are you careful to dress ‘safely’ to blend in with your friends and neighbors? Do you drive a vanilla car and prefer a house that looks just like your neighbors? If so, you may be more comfortable wearing conventional, mass-produced mall jewelry.

But if there’s really another you trapped inside, struggling to break free and express your individuality, you’ve come to the right place. We're here to make that task easier. Make a statement with one-of-a-kind custom jewelry that is fine art. Find a design that attracts you and proudly wrap your true sense of self-image around your finger like a piece of body sculpture.
People who wear our custom jewelry often have an eye for art. Some have formal artistic training. Others, through education, travel and experience, have acquired the ability to "feel" a piece of quality art and know that they like it.
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Over a hundred years ago, Peter Carl Fabergé became the most famous jeweler in history. Official goldsmith to the czar of Russia and famous for his exquisite jewelry eggs, Fabergé rocked the fashion world with a bold new design concept. Until then, rings were plain and boring, their value determined only by the cost of their gemstones.

Fabergé began blending exotic non-traditional materials with traditional precious gems in unique and creative designs featuring colors that harmonized. Their value was not only in the gem material but in the inspired creativity and workmanship. Fabergé’s jewelry designs were hailed as works of fine art.
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But since then, DeBeers diamonds and the giant jewelry manufacturers have used massive ad campaigns to brainwash the public into accepting bland jewelry – mass-produced with look-alike designs. Are tennis bracelets distinctive? How creative are hoop earrings?

Sadly, many now believe the only fashion challenge is to see who can afford the most diamonds or flaunt the biggest solitaire ring.
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For three decades now, we’ve been pleased to join a handful of other custom jewelers in emulating Carl Fabergé by staging a creative renaissance. We offer sophisticated, artful designs that complement traditional gems with delicate inlays of rare and exotic materials.

Wear one of our pieces and you’ll get enough envious looks and enthusiastic compliments to send your inner self’s spirit soaring. What statement would you like to make?

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